How it works?

Get 5% cash back on your purchase! 

How to participate in the rewards program?

All you have to do is to login your account before you purchase.


Rewards Curency

Rewards are earned as points, which can be use as credit for your next purchase.

To Earn: $1 = 1point
To Spend: 1 point = $0.05

For example, if you spend $100 on your first purchase, you will receive 100 points. To use points on your next purchase, you may enter the number of points you want to use. Your points will be converted into credit by 5% which will give you $5 cash back. From time to time we will have promotion to such as doubling your reward points or get additional reward points when you review, refer or sign up for newsletters.


How to redeem?

You may login to your account and look into your account dashboard and you will see your reward points. To use your reward points, please add products into cart and on your checkout page you will see a reward point box where you can choose to use the number of rewards point you want to use for your purchase. Please note that reward points can only be used when it is converted into a whole dollar, meaning that you cannot convert reward points to amount in cents. ex. you have 50 points in your account, and you want to use all your points. But you will only be able to use 40 points becuase 40 x 5% (0.05) = $2. If you try to use 50 points it will = $2.50, and our rewards point do not accept decimals. 



Q: Does the reward points expire?

Yes, if there is inactivity in your account for 12 months or more your reward points may all be expired. 


Q: How do I know when I receive my reward points?

You may login to your account dashboard and view your reward points. 


Q: How do I redeem the credit balance?

When you purchase you may use the amount of reward points you have in your account. 


Q: If I used guest checkout will I be eligible for rewards points?

Sorry, reward points are only applicable to customers who have logged in. If you have made a purchase through guest checkout, please email your order information to and create a new account so that our associate can apply your points to your account. 


Q: Can I transfer my reward points?

Sorry, rewards point cannot be transferred. 


Q: If I have two accounts can I combine the reward points?

Please contact our customer service team at so that they can verify both account identities. 


Q: What are the other ways for me to earn reward points aside from purchasing LIFE Nutrition's products?

Here are ways you can earn points:

Sign up for newsletter - 30 points
Register for new account - 20 points
Write a Review - 25 points 


Q: Do I have to activate anything in order to collect reward points?

No, as long as you create an account you will be eligible to earn reward points. 


Q: What can my reward points do?

You may use it as cash/credit for your purchase on


Q: What is the minimum to get credit balance?

There is no minimum. 


Q: Do I get inform of my reward points balance change?

Yes, an email will be sent to you for any reward point’s change in your account.


Q: Do I get reward opints from shipping and tax?

No, unfortunately shipping and tax charges will not be credited.