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✓ Natural slimming formula that blocks, melts, and burns fat*

 May increase metabolism and reduce carbohydrates absorption*

 Directly increases the break down of stored body fat and shrinks fat cells*


Natural Slimming Formula that Blocks, Melts & Burns Fat All At Once

Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose. However, winning the game is never easy. Our natural healthy slimming formula is formulated with clinically studied Svetol® Chlorogenic Acid produced from green coffee beans and Raspberry Ketones from red raspberry. It provides an ideal solution to block, melt and burn fat all at once!


✓ Natural slimming formula that blocks, melts, and burns fat*


✓ May increase metabolism and reduce carbohydrates absorption*


✓ Directly increases the break down of stored body fat and shrinks fat cells*



Green Coffee Bean: Unroasted coffee bean that contains chlorogenic acid to block carbohydrates absorption.



Raspberry Ketones: A natural compound found in red raspberry that boosts metabolism and melting of stored fat.



The Miraculous Natural Slimming Ingredient – Green Coffee Bean

The roasted coffee bean used for regular coffee does not offer the same weight loss effects as the green variety. Slimming comes as a result of Chlorogenic Acid in coffee bean, which is destroyed after roasting. The green coffee bean also contains only a small amount of caffeine as it never undergoes the roasting process. Our slimming supplement is suitable for those looking to lose weight without dramatic changes to their diet and those more sensitive to caffeine*.


Studies have shown that green coffee bean may produce a reduction in body fat. Research revealed that chlorogenic acid had great effects when it comes to weight loss and assists in blocking absorption of carbohydrates and enables our body to use fat as energy.



Raspberry Ketones Increase Fat Burn and Shrink Fat Cells

While raspberry ketones are naturally present in the red raspberry, the amount is quite small, with 90lbs or red raspberries producing only 100mg of ketones. In order to make the most of the fat burning potential, experts recommend taking a supplementation. The raspberry ketones found in our product is the same as 180lbs of raspberries, which enables great results.


Raspberry ketones help to naturally reduce fat absorption and increases fat burning*. As well as reducing new fat, it can break down existing fat that has been stored for a long time. In a research study, mice fed with raspberry ketones for 10 weeks showed fat cells shrunk significantly.



Directions: Take 1 vegetarian capsule 30 minutes before meal, 2 - 3 times daily





* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom No
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Turmeric Extract No
CoQ10 No
Saw Palmetto Extract No
Ginseng No
Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom No
Curcumin C3 Complex® No
Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol No
Raspberry Ketone No
LIFE™ Absorption Blend (Green Tea Leaf Powder, Quercetin, Bioperine®) No
Probiotics Blend (Lactobacilus Acidophillus, Bifido Bacterium Longum) No
Fructo-oligosaccharides No

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Customer Reviews

  • Slimming
    Review by Jackyon 10/8/2013
    Slim safely is my great concern. Good to know that this product is natural and effective!
  • Great Product!
    Review by Natashaon 9/27/2013
    Significant drop in weight after taking for a month! Love it coz it doesn't have side effects and I don't have to go on a diet!
  • Re: YY
    Review by Life Nutritionon 8/30/2013
    Dear YY,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Firstly, we apologize that the product has not worked for you. With all types of these products, the results vary from individual to individual; and we saw a lot of great results for this Green Coffee Bean with Raspberry Ketones.

    For this product, we based the formulations and ingredients of many clinical studies, that actually have achieved the results and claims that we have stated in our product description. With clinical studies, they usually take an average result, and while some may have better results, there are others that do not.

    In the meantime, to compensate for this inconvenience, we can provide you a refund for any unused products, or give you credit towards any other products that we may have, such as Fish Oil, a whole food multivitamin, and antioxidant that are more for basic health maintenance.

    Please let us know how I can help or what we can do. Again, we apologize for your disappointment.
  • Didn't even lose 1 lb!
    Review by YYon 8/25/2013
    I have been taking it religiously since end of May but as of today, I have not lost 1 lb!
  • Fights against my bloating issue and gives me extra energy
    Review by Samanthaon 8/5/2013
    I am a yoga instructor. I just finished my first bottle of the GCB and I am loving it! It not only helps me to fight against my bloating issue, I feel it also gives me extra energy and definitely I sweat much more in practice!! And also, I think it's the effect of taking Acai berry and Women's everyday, I was chatting with a student after class yesterday, all of a sudden she said my skin looks so good and glowing! :))))) Thanks for your lovely supplements!
  • Re Anny
    Review by Life Nutritionon 6/25/2013
    Hello Anny,

    Thank you for your interest in Life Nutrition's product.

    Our Green Coffee Bean with Raspberry Ketones is powder contained within a vegetable capsule. You simply need to take one capsule 30 mins before each meal. GCB will help you decrease the absorption of fat and carbohydrates, melt and burn fat.

    GCB is an all natural supplement that is extracted from unroasted coffee bean and raspberry! It has been proven by research from leading universities and institutions that it can naturally induce weight loss. Subjects in these research loss on average 16% body weight and 10% body fat in 22 weeks or 1 lb/week.
    More importantly, it is not required to change diet or increase activity level while taking GCB.

    Please visit for detailed information about this product, meal plan and more.

    Feel free to contact us again if you have another question!
  • Love It - 20 lbs 2 months.
    Review by Brianon 6/24/2013
    I've been taking LIFE GCB for 2 months and combined with a little more exercise and I have lost 20 lbs... 3 inches off my waist line, and 5 sizes down on zara shirts. I am sure GCB is helping me during this process of getting healthier.
    Love it!
  • Insufficient product introduction
    Review by Annyon 5/14/2013
    Interested to know more about the product, is it a pill or powder? How to use? Any side effect?
  • 2.3 kg in 2 weeks
    Review by Michaelon 4/11/2013
    Early days yet, however, the product appears to be working. I work a day/night roster which varies month-by-month and takes me to various places around the planet. Therefore, I tend to eat at odd times which has caused to to put on some weight. Happy to add a review once I have taken it for a month or so. At this stage, with weighings being taken roughly at the same time each morning, I've lost about 2.3 kg in 2 weeks (not bad!). That said, I've also try to cut out and reduce the amount of fats and sweet snacks (i.e. chocolate) consumed. There will also be an element of error due to changing hydration levels in the morning and bowel contents. I can say that I felt more energetic since being on the product but I've also had more days of normal sleep the last couple of weeks so it may be partly related to both.
  • Finally in Hong Kong!
    Review by Karleenon 4/8/2013
    I have heard a lot about Green Coffee Bean but I have a hard time finding this product in Asia. I am glad that your company finally come out with this product. I just brought this product in Watsons. I am going to start taking it tonight. Will update my results in a week or two...Thanks life nutrition.
  • 1lbs
    Review by graceon 4/5/2013
    First time trying this product. I lost one pound in the first week!! This is amazing!!
  • all in one formula
    Review by Jacquelineon 3/20/2013
    I usually take green coffee bean and raspberry ketones separately. Now that they have a product that includes two, I will for sure give it a try.