Here at LIFE Nutrition, we manufacture our products in the United States. We are committed to Safety, Quality, Consistency and Customer Satisfaction. All of our products are produced in cGMP certified plants to ensure that they are produced in a consistent manner and meet the strictest quality standards.


GMP Registered

Our manufacturing facilities comply to Certified Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards to ensure that they meet the strictest quality standards such as identity, purity, strength and composition.



Member of Natural Product Association

LIFE Nutrition is a proud member of Natural Product Association and strictly follow the code of ethics including: use ingredients only from natural source, avoid ingredients with health risks, no animal testing, and include biodegradable or recycled material in the packaging.



Friends of the Sea

In order to guarantee the quality and safety of fish oil, we control our production process from start to finish. LIFE Nutrition’s fish oil comes only from Friends of the Sea (FOS) suppliers for compliance with fishing methods and sustainability. The marine materials are harvested with the lowest environmental impact possible.




All products with this symbol are using non-GMO ingredients.




Purity Guaranteed 

Products with this symbol are free from major allergens such as gluten, yeast, wheat,, eggs, peanuts, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors and synthetic preservatives.