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✓ Restores the natural balance of bacteria in your digestive tract*

✓ Supports healthy immune system*

✓ Guaranteed 15 billion CFU active cultures with eight probiotic strains at time of use**

✓ Sugar, dairy and gluten free berry-flavor chewable tablets


Treat Your Gut Right

As good health starts from having a healthy digestive system, it is important to do all you can to look after your digestive health. Offering men’s, women’s and children’s probiotics, we help our customers to achieve a healthy balance of probiotics. Our product is sugar, dairy and gluten free and contains 15 billion CFU with eight probiotic strains. Advanced Probiotics 150 delivers active probiotics to your intestine for digestive and immune health.


✓ Restores the natural balance of bacteria in your digestive tract*


✓ Supports healthy immune system*


✓ Guaranteed 15 billion CFU active cultures with eight probiotic strains at time of use**


✓ Sugar, dairy and gluten free berry-flavor chewable tablets



15 Billion Live Cells Guaranteed At the Time of Use**

Our convenient berry flavored chewable tablets are easy to take and are guaranteed to have at least 15 billion live cells at time of use**. This varies from other brands which only guarantee the number of live cells at the time it is manufactured. 



8 Different Probiotic Strains for Complete Digestive Support

Our formulation includes eight probiotic strains that offer comprehensive health support. These strains have been tested thoroughly and will survive in bile, stomach acid and antibiotics.



FOS Prebiotics Maximize Probiotic Activity

Moreover, the probiotic strains are fed with FOS (fructo-oligosaccharide) prebiotic to help the microbes survive and multiply. 





No Refrigeration Required

For your convenience, our range of children’s, women’s and men’s probiotics do not have to be refrigerated. As probiotics are sensitive to light, air, heat, and moisture, our packaging uses a 2-step packaging process in order to prolong their shelf life. Each tablet is individually packaged and protected right up until the point you use them.


The Probiotics that Can Reach Your Digestive Tract

Highly Resistance to Antibiotics

Antibiotics are used to remove your body from non-beneficial bacteria, but sometimes the beneficial bacteria is removed as well.  Studies have shown that while on antibiotics, the body should also be supplemented with probiotics for faster relief of health symptoms. The probiotic strains used in LIFE Nutrition Advanced Probiotics 150 have been tested to shown a strong antibiotic resistance and can survive or even grow in the presence of certain substances that usually kill other bacteria.



Survive in Intestinal Tract

The intestinal tract is a harsh environment that contains acid and bile that can destroy a lot of the probiotics.  The probiotic strains selected in LIFE Nutrition Advanced Probiotics 150 have been tested thoroughly to provide a tolerance and resistance to the harsh environment and eventually reach the areas where they will be beneficial.


In vitro studies have shown that Probiotic strains in LIFE Nutrition Advanced Probiotics 150 are highly resistant to low pH conditions and able to survive the presence of bile at concentrations present in the duodenum.



Who is it Suitable for

Adults Suffering Digestive Upsets

Digestive upsets, such as occasional constipation or diarrhea, are often caused by poor lifestyle and diet. Our men’s and women’s probiotics can improve the intestinal balance and protect the digestive tract.



People Traveling

Traveling people can be affected by diarrhea, especially when traveling to areas with poor water supplies. Our product uses a special blend of strains to relieve the symptoms associated with travel diarrhea.



Expecting or Breastfeeding Mothers

Our women’s probiotics are great for pregnant women because they can relieve some of the digestive discomfort associated to pregnancy such as constipation or bloating. Studies have also indicated probiotics can help maintain the health of the vagina and urinary tract. Taking probiotics during pregnancy can also benefit the baby in terms of skin health.




After reaching around 60 years of age, the number of bacteria in our bodies drops significantly, leaving us with much less friendly bacteria than younger adults. The lowered number of friendly bacteria makes the elderly more vulnerable to bowel conditions and gastrointestinal infections. This means it is even more important to boost the levels of friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract. With our men’s and women’s probiotics, adults can relieve conditions such as occasional diarrhea and constipation.




Probiotics are essential to help boost a child’s immunity. They can also help produce vitamins and maximize the absorption of nutrients for children’s healthy growth. Our children’s probiotics are suitable for all ages.



After Antibiotics

Taking antibiotics can destroy good bacteria in the process of removing the bad, leaving us feeling tired, weak and unwell. Our product can help to restore the balance of your intestinal flora.




・ Adults: take 1 tablet daily.

・ Prenatal & breastfeeding women: take 1 tablet daily.

・ For kids over 3, take half or full tablet. For children below 3, take half a tablet. These can be crushed and added into cool drinks or food.

・ When suffering from digestive discomfort: take 1 tablet 2-3 times daily.

・ Taking antibiotics: take 1 tablet 2 hours after taking the antibiotics, 1-3 times daily.

・ Traveling: take one tablet twice a day 2-3 days before leaving for your holiday, and continue to take them whilst traveling.



* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

** Guaranteed potency through date on box when stored according to instruction.

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